double conversion online

iG UPS_Double Conversion On-Line
double conversion online S&D Powernics new DC LInk type, true double conversion, online UPS consists of 100% duty cycle rectifie, charger, discharger and inverter circuits.

The rectifier includes power factor correction (PFC) and provides a regulated dc-link voltage needed by the DC to AC inverter and battery charger. When the rectifier becomes unavailable or when the current required by the load exceeds the output rating of the rectifier, then the charger/discharger supplies the power required by the load to the dc link capacitor.

The inverter provides a tightly regulated pure sinusoidal AC output waveform under all conditions. New control algorithms for rectifier (battery charger) and inverter provides a vastly improved dynamic performance even for abrupt load changes. To improve the transient response of the output Waveform, multi-mode charger/discharger circuit is used. Novel current-limiting algorithms for the inverter also ensures maximum reliability of the UPS.
Active Unity Power Factor Correction to achieve P.F of near 1.0
Power Conversion Efficiency :94% typicalwhen operating as double-conversion online UPS mode
Green Mode Operation
• Bypass Power Mode : Bypass mode operation minimizes conversion loss under normal conditions
• Energy Saving Mode : UPS can be programmed to operate in Offline (Standby] Mode
Operates over wide AC input range without discharging batteries and provides maximum battery reliability and battery Lifetime.
Non-Linear Load Characteristic Feature (Voltage & Current Waveform during transfer, based on IEC62040-3)

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