line interactive ups system

iG UPS_Line Interactive
line interactive ups system S&D Powernics new line-interactive UPS operates over an extremely wide range of 157~320 Vac without discharging battery while maintaining the UPS output to be within 230 Vac+/- 10% under all operating conditions.

Backfeed protection relay is "a" contact-which operates as a UPS bypass switch during start-up and UPS fault conditions. It operates over 47~63 Hz mains AC input frequency range and automatically synchronizes its inverter output to the incoming mains AC frequency.

Uni-polar, 15kHz switching technology is used to produce AC from battery during mains AC failure. Same inverter circuit operates in reverse as AC to DC converter to recharge batteries when mains AC is restored.

Battery charger is a 3-stage, high-capacity charger which allows use of very large external battery bank without adding an extra (external) battery charger. Battery charger is also temperature-compensated for the quickest and safest battery recharge while ensuring maximum battery service life under very wide operaating temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees C.
「a」Contact Back Feed Relay operated Bypass
Operates over wide AC input range without discharging batteries and provides maximum battery reliability and lifetime.
Partial State of Charging / Temp. Compensated Charging

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