solar electric vehicle charging station

solar electric vehicle charging station S&D Powernics developed a new Hybrid EV Charger and Grid peak demand reduction system which overcomes following limitations of current

EV Chargers :
-By direct Battery to Battery charging, demand from the power Grid is eliminated while EV batteries are being recharged at maximum power rate
-Series-compensated, DC to DC Converter provides fast and yet safe "Battery to Battery Energy Transfer".
-Input Bi-directional Converter works normally as AC to DC Converter and recharges the batteries in the charger system during off-peak hours.

However, it can be programmed to instantly change to a Grid-tie inverter by discharging the Batteries.
• ACto DC mode : InternalBattery Charging
• DC to AC mode : Peak Load Reducer I Grid-tie Inverter
PV Converter
MPPT charging method for optimized balance of charging speed& battery safety.
Series-Compensated DC/DC Converter
The proposed converter topology is easily implemented with the conventionalNS fullbridge DC/DC
converter because only battery connection is needed as shown in figure shown above. With only one
additionalconnection, the conventionalNS fullbridge DC/DC converter with rated power is transformed
into new high power conversion stage by battery.
Battery in EV is Recharged by "Battery-to-Battery Energy Transfer Circuit".
This technology provides extremely fast 8.J battery recharge time
Item Specifications Remark
Input Type 3 Phase 4 Wire  
Reted Voltage 380 Vac  
Rated Frequency 500Hz / 60 Hz  
Power Factor 0.95 or higher  
Harmonic Distortion Lessthan5% Rated Current
Output Power 50 kW maximum
Voltaqe Range 50-500Vdc  
Power Efficiency more than 90%  
Current 10 -125A  
Isolation Test Voltage, Current 500Vdc,5A reference : CHAdeMO
Time 3sec  
Output Linearity Voltage Linearity less than+/- 1V  
Current less than+/- 0.5A  
Operating Conditions Efficiency Hiqherthan 90%  
Cooling Uses Hot Air Exhaust Fans  
Temperature Range -5°C - 40°C  
Humidity Range 10%-90% (relative humidity)  
Interface Communication TCP/IP  
Dl Charging/ Stop  
Response Time 100ms  
Analog Interface Charging/Discharging Utility Discharqe, Battery Charge  
Bypass Mode Internalor EV Battery Charge  
RUN/Stop EV Battery Charging/Stop ON/OFF
InternalBattery Type Lead Acid/Lithium | ON user selectable
Voltage Range 120-330Vdc  
Bi-Direction Converter Output 30KW [120- 330Vdc] CV/CC charging
Type Boost Up converter  
Charging Converter Output 20KW [50 - 500Vdc]  
Type Phase Shift Resonant Converter  
Output Open Output Open -System Stop  
Standard EMC WCI Class B, IEC61000-3, 4  
Mechanical W*D*H(mm) 730 * 700 * 1,000 mm  
Weight (kg) 285 kg  

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